Sunday, April 20, 2014

Operation Shower Bollywood



 Last September I was asked by Operation Shower to be a part of an awareness and fundraising campaign. They choose 10 party designers from across the nation to help spread the word of Operation Shower as well as raise money. Being a retired Marine, I am so honored and blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization. You don't know what Operation Shower is?? What??  Operation Showeris a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring military families through joyous baby showers for moms-to-be to ease the stress of deployment. They have hosted 40 unit-wide showers and showered over 1,800 military moms-to-be. These showers pamper and honor women who make so many unseen sacrifices for our country as well as give them an opportunity to make connections with other women in a similar position.

I have been a part of 4 showers and this fundraiser. This week I was in Los Angeles and helped with Operation Shower's largest shower to date with 120 moms sponsored by Babies r Us and Heidi Klum as the host....can somebody pinch me! I digress......

 For the fundraiser we could do anything we wanted. I chose a Bollywood Girls Night Out. I have done tons of events but never a fundraiser! The goal is to make money not spend it so FREE was the optimal word! I went out begging and borrowing. My first thing was to secure a location. I wanted the event on a Friday night so I knew that might be very hard to find a FREE venue but I was determined. One day I got lost while out searching for a Goodwill....(LOL) and passed by the Phoenix Lodge. I remember trying to secure this place for another event. I decided to walk in and just ask for the ballroom to hold the event. The event planner Scott was in and after I pitched him about fundraiser he said yes! I was super excited especially because the space was just perfect and very large! The space generally rents for over $2000 so I was very grateful. In the corridor before entering ballroom guests were welcomed into the casbah and wrote their names on their name tag. The awesome Bollywood printables came from Bird's Party.

When you have a large event space you need LARGE things (AKA props) to fill the space! I turned to the best prop house in Phoenix ~Themers for "Bolllywood" decor. The owner Casey was amazing and let me walk through his whole warehouse and pick out what I wanted. My fellow party planner friend Jamila from Parties on Purpose had picked up the UHaul truck to load all the FREE goodies in. The large pillars flanking the desert table came from Themers. Thanks for your awesome donation! 


Of course my cake diva Liz from Lizzy's Sweets n' Treats did it again with this beautiful gluten free Bollywood cake. Why gluten free? Well, because I found out that my wonderful Guest of Honor is gluten free and this cake was made just for her. 

 The cake pops were from my forever friend and cake pop diva....Jen from Heavenly cake pops. She is also the inventor of the Easy Roller. Gosh, I have such talented friends!

 Don't you just love a cake pop flag? Part of the Bollywood printable Bird's party created for the fundraiser.


The dessert table also had mini cupcakes and chocolate covered Oreos....everything sprinkled with gold! I loved the photo area and so did everyone else. The large props and rug including the large gold "styrofoam" vases were from Themers.

Along with dessert bar we also had a taco buffet and cash bar. 


Thanks to Jamila from Parties on Purpose for the raffle part of this event. She went out and asked so many businesses for donations. Also, thanks to Laura of Pink Cake Plate for helping Jamila run the raffle through the event. 

I asked another one of my friends who owns an event entertainment company would she donate a Bollywood dancer for the fundraiser. Renee from La Fiamma Entertainment not only donated 1 Bollywood dancer but 2! She also discounted the services of the Henna tattooist and she even split the cost with me. If you are in the Phoenix area and need any need to see what La Fiamma has!  

The venue only had white linens and that was just not going to do for a Bollywood theme party! Bollywood is all about rich colors and gold!! I ended up renting colored linens to overlap the white and layered it even more with some gorgeous saris from a friend. The saris were stunning and made all the difference in the room. I wish I had photos of each sari! they were exquisite! The venue provided the glasses with black napkins....although not my first choice however it was FREE! 

 The most often forgotten space is the ceiling. I draped fabric along the wooden beams and hung IKEA lanterns that I spray painted gold.

I can't say enough about Brenda Warner our guest of honor speaker. I seriously have wanted to meet her for years.....being the celebrity that she is, I didn't think I would ever meet her in my lifetime. The day she agreed to be the speaker for this fundraiser I think my whole neighborhood could hear me screaming. Brenda was everything and more than I expected. Her speech was amazing and she is such a down to earth, genuine person. Her and her husband Kurt do so much for others with all their charitable organizations they are involved with. I am so blessed and believe in giving back and Brenda has a passion for helping others. AN AMAZING and beautiful woman....inside and out!



The DJ was Mike from Signature Sound DJ. He has been my go to DJ for over 4 years! He does all types of events from small to large.  

Thanks to all the vendors who donated their products and services. 

Photography~ Heidi Lee Photography

Programs and brochures ~ Custom Built Technology

Bollywood Printables~ Bird's Party 

Bollywood dancers/Henna Tattoo~ La Fiamma Entertainment

DJ~ Signature Sound DJ

Venue~ The Phoenix Lodge

Large Props~ Themers

Cakepops~ Heavenly Cakepops

Cupcakes, cake, chocolate covered Oreos~ Lizzy's Sweets n'Treats




Brazilian Carnival New Year's Eve Kid's Party

I hope you all have had the merriest of holidays!! I have taken a hiatus from blogging to spend quality time with my family. However, I have been posting on Facebook so if you haven't liked Maddycakes Muse on Facebook please do! I updated Facebook daily with muses! All day yesterday on Facebook I showed you all the DIY crafts that I made for Madison's Brazilian Carnival New Year's Eve party. Why a Brazilian Carnival theme party? Well, every year Madison and I ring in the New Year (usually around 6-7 pm) A couple of days ago I decided to have a mini soiree and include my neighbors. I picked the theme of Carnival because we are celebrating our midnight at 7 pm and it will actually be turning midnight in Brazil. I went out yesterday and spent a total of $50 and got all my supplies and food for the shinding!  I made all the easy DIY crafts yesterday and shared them all day on Facebook. Tonight we are going to sing karaoke, eat cupcakes and cookies, drink hot chocolate and ring in the New Year's with confetti and sparklers. I shared my sparkler holder on Facebook....go check it out if you missed it. I handcrafted everything and Madison helped. It was a fun craft day....she is so excited for New Year! Too cute. 

I think of tons of color when I think of Carnival I think of tons of bright colors and feathers! Sorry for the bad of the things on my bucket list for 2013 is to take photography classes!!! 

I put the cupcakes in martini glasses added my DIY confetti tags. Topped them with a feather to coordinate with my theme. It's not too late to either make some cupcakes and cookies....or pick them up at grocery store and invite your neighbors or a couple of friends over for some desserts and ring in the New Year....even if it's at 7 pm like we are doing! I'll be knocked out sleep at midnight! 

Madison insisted on having clock cookies. She got this idea from watching Max & Ruby New Year's Eve party with their grandma. I put feathers around the cake plate using double stick tape and put it on top of a store bought New Year's Eve hat for height. 

I bought horn noise makers from the party store and put them in a beaded glass vase with feathers. I made the beaded glass vase using a dollar store glass vase and hot glued beaded necklaces that I also got from Dollar Tree on to it. Got to add a clock somewhere on your table!

All I have left to do is make some confetti bags! Yes, I'm crazy...and I will be still be finding confetti in the house in May! We are going to do sparklers and my favorite....bang pots and pan outside. The kids love it!!! Happy New Year and may all your year be blessed!

Reindeer Breakfast Party

This past Saturday morning we had a Reindeer Breakfast party for Madison and a few of her girlfriends. The girls were asked to wear Christmas pajamas to the party. The month of December is extremely busy for my business but I still want to have special memories for my little girl. I had a party Saturday night and one on Sunday so made this party a breakfast! It actually was perfect and I think I will keep this as our new tradition! This party wasn't a "styled" party just one that I could really enjoy my little girl and her friends! I took snapshots along the way but I'm no photographer!! Hopefully you can still get a few muses from it!

Upon arrival they made Rudolph ornaments that was a kit that I got from JoAnn's. Super easy for them to make and cute. 

Then they ate breakfast. I had a buffet set up with various breakfast food. There are all sorts of cute reindeer looking food that I found on the Internet from cookies to cupcakes but really wanted this to be mainly breakfast foods. I knew that the girls would be making gingerbread houses and would be eating some of the candy then so really didn't want to have sugar overload! I used a frame and put red glittered paper behind the glass then simply wrote the name of cream cheeses on it. This is a very easy and cute way to label your items. 

I enjoy using printables that I purchase however it is simple to create your own labels if you have a little extra time. I made these labels by typing out the food items in Word. I added the Rudolph sticker and stamped the edge of my white paper with red ink then glued it on top of a printed paper. I stamped the red snowflake and added a rhinestone in the middle for a little extra bling!

I placed peppermint cookies on my peppermint tray that I made. If you missed the 411 on how to make the tray click HERE!

I made the tablecloth by using red velvet fabric then hot gluing white marabou onto as trim. No sewing involved .... my kind of project. (I really wish I could sew though)

This shot was taken after the girls had drank milk! :) I wanted to have Cap n' Crunch Christmas Crunch cereal because of the red and green cereal pieces of course! I saw it at Walmart and didn't pick it up .... I just thought that every grocery store would have it! NOT! Couldn't find it at the grocery stores near my house so went with the cereal I had at home. UGH! I had made a label and everything! LOL I just love my cow Christmas milk bottles that I found at Goodwill! LOVE THEM! 

I bought the red charger plates last year from Walmart after Christmas sale. I always use the same traditional Christmas colors so after Christmas when things go on clearance is when I get my things! I box it up and put it in storage then when I open it up around feels like I'm opening presents because I always forget what I bought and I'm so excited to see it! 

Like my mitten cutlery holders? Got those from Cracker Barrel of course on Christmas clearance!

Used my same Starbuck's Frappuccino bottles that I use all the time.  I dipped the rim of the bottle in melted white candy melts then sprinkled with red and green sprinkles. 

Table centerpiece

After breakfast the girls decorated gingerbread houses. I always have pre-made gingerbread houses for the girls to decorated because it takes a few hours for the walls and roofs to bond together. 

Made the reindeer bags out of brown bags, felt, brown scrapbook paper for nose, and googly eyes. Got the free printable tags from The TomKat Studio

I loved seeing the girls wearing their reindeer ears.....even the next day Madison had hers on! I love doing these little parties for my girl and her friends. I hope you enjoyed and are having a wonderful holiday season as well!

Many blessings my friends!

Proud to have served!

As many of you know I was a Marine for 21 years. The Marine Corps birthday is tomorrow and I am really missing my fellow Marines. I pray for the many Marines who are still in harms way and for the many families who have suffered great loss. Please take out time to thank a veteran. 

I retired 3 years ago and today was the first time I ever looked at my retirement video. Here is a portion of it that I love which is the flag ceremony. I hope you enjoy and thank you for sharing this special part of my ceremony. It's a video of a video so not the best quality. I wish I was more technology savvy!